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The name abacus has been derived from a Greek word ABAX, which means calculating board or calculating table. Abacus is an instrument that was invented around 2500 A.D. Abacus is a tool used years ago primarily in China.
In ancient times, it was used for calculation purposes. It is also believed to be the base of computer and some people also denote it as a magical tool used to increase the mathematical power of a child.
In recent times, Abacus is proven to be a whole brain development program which will help the children to use all the functions of both :- “left and right brain” .



Our expertise team have developed Abacus program in such a systematic way that it will helps a Child to enfold his own ability and generate lifetime skills among them. These “sets of skill” helps in increasing concentration, retention power, self-confidence, creativity, listening power and lot more. Not to mention that the calculation ability of the child is also going to increase.


of Abacus


Photographic Memory

Proficiency in Math


Listening skills



Overall academic  achievement


  ABACUS is a skill education. Like any other skill, Practice is the key factor to master Abacus. To become a skilled operator, children have to spend atleast 10 minutes a day during the course of learning.
  After taking a new lesson on Abacus, student must practice the same for atleast 5 days before taking the next lesson. This is the reason why our Abacus centres conduct classes once in a week rather than conducting the classes throughout the week 

  Parents also play a vital role, as they have to make sure that their child is regularly practicing abacus for at least 10min daily
  Parents should be aware and be in touch with their abacus teachers to know about the progress of their children

Course Duration

 Abacus program offered by kids future club is of two levels having four terms each. Each term is of 3 months duration. The first level is compulsory. The second level is optional. The Student must/should attend the course for a minimum of one year as all the basic things like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division will be covered in that duration.

  TOOL USED: Abacus.
  CLASSES: Weekly One Day(2 Hours)
  TIME DURATION: One Year (Basic Course) +One year (Advanced Course)

  AGE GROUP: 5-14 years