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Handwriting Course


  It is said that a person’s handwriting is a reflection of a person’s personality. A lot can be understood and said about a person by simply looking at his                              handwriting.
  Good handwriting helps you not only develop a good personality but it also helps you keep focused and motivated. It is even said that a good handwriting                      actually helps in learning better
  Good legible handwriting enables the child to gain confidence and helps the child to excel in his / her academic career.
  Good handwriting has always been cherished by the young and the old alike
  skill of good handwriting helps the students to excel there peformance in examination as it  invite appreciation as well as additional marks

Advantages of

good handwriting

Inspiring your creativity

Improves grades.

Sharpening your mind
Improving your memory

Improve presentation skills

Improves the Coordination

Characteristics of handwriting include

  The specific shape of letters, e.g. their roundness or sharpness.
  The regular or irregular spacing between letters.

  The rhythmic repetition of the elements or arrhythmia.
  The slope of the letters.

  The pressure to the paper.
  The average size of letters.
  The thickness of letters.

Course Duration

  Course Duration: 2 Months
  Class Duration: 2 Hours Weekly
  Age Group: 5-7 Years